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Fake grass that is better than natural grass when it comes to aesthetics

There has been a marked increase in the number of people who are replacing their natural grass lawns with artificial grass. These new lawns look great and require very little or no maintenance at all. There has been a hue and cry from proponents of natural grass, with some claiming that artificial grass chokes the life contained in the soil below. It is time that people actually weighed the benefits and cons of having artificial grass.

A Look at Natural Grass

Natural grass lawns come at a huge cost to the environment. These lawns account for more than 1/3 of the total water used in a home, especially when grown in dry areas. In some states, there is a limitation on the size of the natural grass lawn that you can have due to the scarcity of water. Proponents of natural grass lawns do not consider the fertilizer use which will affect ground water sources.

On the plus side, a nice neat natural grass lawn has quite an emotional feel to it, and not just the aesthetic appeal. You cannot step on smooth, soft, well manicured lawns and not have an emotional reaction to the sensation. So there is a plus side to having natural grass lawns.

A Look at Artificial grass

Artificial grass is also known as the outdoor carpet, and it takes care of all the environmental cost of having a beautiful lawn. You do not need any water and chemical inputs to maintain it. There is an initial expense of putting up the turf, but if it can last for 25 years, then the cost is really low.

Synthetic grass has an aesthetic value that can hardly be matched by natural grass. You can have the grass in any color that you choose. And the applications are vast and varied. You can have synthetic turf indoors while you cannot do that with natural grass.

There are many who say that they have never liked anything fake, but synthetic grass is being loved. The more fake it is, the better the reaction. People have come up with ingenious ways to use synthetic grass in their homes and offices. Those against it say that it can cause burns when exposed to a lot of heat, but this is not the case. Today, people are installing the grass in ways that ensure that it is cool at all times.

On the down side, people say that synthetic turf is a heat absorber and can turn up the temperature of a region if used too much. They claim that it traps heat in the ground. That is yet to be proven, since the turf is permeable, allowing heat to pass through without hindrance.

Basically, synthetic grass is the way of the future. People want their homes to look nice without having to toil daily to maintain lovely gardens and lawns. Call us now and get to know more about the benefits of installing an Artificial grass lawn. You will be amazed at the possibilities available to you.

Astrolondon Artificial work

A look at AstroLondon and the work they do

AstroLondon is the leading supplier of artificial grass, also known as Artificial grass within London. The company has offices and facilities in several areas of London, ensuring that you can have your installation done within a short period. The company has transformed peoples’ homes using Artificial grass and they are continuing to become more popular as time goes on. They are professional and ensure that their installations meet the requirements of the client.

What kind of Artificial grass Installations?

Apart from installing Artificial grass in areas where grass is expected, the company also does installation in other impressive ways. You can have the Artificial grass around you lawn, pool and backyard, which is quite normal or you can have it inside your home, on your patio, on your wall, and many other interesting places.

For example, if you run an environmental conservation company, then having Artificial grass installed in your office is a great way to let people know exactly what you do. You can even have the company logo designed using this fabulous and everlasting material.

You can also hire Artificial grass installation for functions such as weddings and conferences. AstroLondon is quite capable of doing all these interesting installations at a price that will simply make you smile.

The costs of installing Artificial grass

As with any home improvement project, many people want to know how much it will cost to install Artificial grass in their homes. The costs will depend on the type of turf you choose, the height and also the area that has to be covered. But when you look at the costs of maintaining natural grass, you will see that using Artificial grass is much cheaper in the long run. You do not have to worry about the rain and mud and all the hassles of keeping a neat natural grass lawn or backyard.

The costs of having Artificial grass are so much lower in the long run. You should know that one-third of a water bill is due to watering lawns only. When you use Artificial grass, you do not have to water it, and you save one-third of your water bill. Think of the fertilizer and time that you would use to make a natural grass lawn look great. You will no longer need these.

So why should you choose AstroLondon?

Firstly, AstroLondon has the perfect distribution of locations, which ensures speedy installations. You only need to look up the location nearest your home or office and then call them. They will visit your location, see what is required and give you a free quote.

Secondly, the company keeps Artificial grass that is suited for various applications. You can get grass for gardens, playgrounds, balconies, roof terraces and commercial installations. All surveys are done individually, since no two installations are ever the same. Inspection is done seven days a week, so you can call the company whenever you are free – even on Sunday.

This is the perfect company to do your Artificial grass installation so give them a call now and get your free quote and beautiful Artificial grass project started.


Completely turn your messy backyard into a serene paradise

Have you ever walked into a backyard that made you think of a forest? One where you could easily drop a golf ball and completely loose it because the grass and other plants have been let to grow wild and completely out of control? Well, you can easily turn such a backyard into a serene closely-cropped paradise when you use Artificial grass.

It takes a lot of time, water, fertilizer and energy to create the perfect backyard. Many people who do not have the time for this kind of gardening leave the backyard grass to grow and will only think about it, when they start hearing creepy animals crawling in the grass. That is the time they hire someone to come and cut the grass.

Today, you can still have the perfect backyard without having to put too much time and scarce resources into it. With Artificial grass, which is artificial grass, you can create a beautiful and serene backyard, and you do not have to toil to do so.

Artificial grass is the future of backyards

You can see Artificial grass creeping up all over the place. It is sustainable, maintains its green color and has a low maintenance. This makes it a popular choice and people are quickly turning to it. If you go to some states, where water is scarce, you will find most people install these backyards to make their homes look beautiful.

Using creativity, you can turn your backyard into something that only the rich can maintain using natural grass.

Imagine that you have a messy backyard and want to put something that will turn it into a place where you can relax and have fun with your family. You may think of simply adding a swimming pool, but that is not all that you can do.

Now think about adding the same swimming pool, and then placing some artificial grass around it so it is always clean from dirt that comes from natural grass when the leaves fall off. Then think about laying down a golf-putting green on the other side of the pool so you maximize on the space used. Finally add a place with seats and a small barbeque, where you can spend evenings with friends and family.

Now that is definitely a backyard that you would really love, and once installed, you do not need to maintain it any more. Look out at your overgrown backyard and see the possibilities when you use Artificial grass.

The beauty of Artificial grass is that it can be cut into any shape, and the edges are always smooth and neat. They turn any lumpy, overgrown backyard into a work of art. You can lay down great paving stones and have the grass gut neatly around them just to add color variations.

Contact us for more information on how you can turn your backyard into a serene paradise using Artificial grass or artificial turf.

AstroLondon Artificial Grass

Add more life to your office environment with AstroLondon Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass was ideally invented for use in outdoor environments, but with time, it is now possible to use it to liven up your office. Not many people think about the indoor applications of synthetic grass, but it does have a lot of benefits.

Faux grass can be used to create play spaces for your employees. Today, employers are finding that letting workers indulge their inner kid helps them become more productive. When in college, you will find students sprawled out on the grass, studying. The same can be applied in the office environment when you use Artificial grass.

You can use synthetic grass to create a space where your employees can meditate or engage in Yoga. There are times when employees work very long hours, and some green soft space where they could relax is the very thing that they need.

Imagine if your employees could play some croquet as they have a brainstorming meeting about a creative project. The idea of playing while at work helps employees bring out their creativity and this would have a positive effect on their overall performance as a team. The movements will keep the blood flowing and stimulate the brain thereby increasing creativity.

Artificial grass does not need water or sunlight and this is why it is a great product for an indoor green office environment. It is free from maintenance and it actually looks very pretty.
Here are some ideas on how you can use Artificial grass within an office environment.

  • Spell out the company name and logo using the green synthetic grass for an eco-friendly look. Google did it, and so can you. When it comes to the logo, artificial grass comes in many colors. This means that you can use your company colors, if you do not want the traditional green.
  • Rather than use traditional carpets for the floor, use Artificial grass
  • Use it to create a serene garden on the roof of your office building, and let employees relax there when they feel overwhelmed by work.
  • You can also add some fun to your reception by covering furniture in short, beautiful artificial grass.

With Artificial grass, there are no limits as to the creative ways in which you can apply it. You may even hold a contest amongst your workers to see who will come up with the most creative way of using synthetic grass in the office. This will create fun and bring the whole team together, when the results are displayed.

Going by the way Artificial grass is being used in many environments it comes as no surprise that it can also be used to create a wonderful office environment. Visit us at AstroLondon and we shall discuss the various ways in which you can use Artificial grass in your office. You will be amazed at the possibilities.