Artificial grass on chair

Add some “Nature” to your event with Astroturf from AstroLondon

Today, event organisers and venues that are looking for an eco-friendly green surface to impress guests are installing artificial turf as the perfect solution. Astroturf is used around concert venues, carnivals, amphitheatres, community events, amusement parks and more, since it gives a welcoming atmosphere and space. This solution provides a clean, soft, aesthetically pleasing surface, which requires minimal maintenance and resources, and is very durable under all weather conditions.

Why Astroturf is considered ideal for event venues

It is eco-friendly

All over the world, consumers are looking for environmentally responsible solutions, and Astroturf has been recognised as a great option. Synthetic grass has several environmental advantages, such as reducing maintenance, pollution and saving water. There are several places all over the world that are facing drought, forcing them to institute water restrictions. It is estimated that a square foot of natural grass uses up to 55 gallons of water a year, so you can imagine the savings gained from using Astroturf.

Astroturf is beautiful

High quality Astroturf gives the appearance of natural grass and feels like it too. The bright welcoming atmosphere, which can be combined with other artificial or natural landscaping solutions, is unique and great for event spaces. Some of these event areas have been highlighted in the media and are used to host some high-profile events.

Very Little maintenance

People who host and attend events prefer to have soft surfaces such as grass. When using natural grass, a lot of hassle is involved in maintaining it. With synthetic turf, you get an attractive, soft surface that does not need any mowing, fertilizers, pesticides or water use.

Costs very little

Total operating and maintenance costs of Astroturf are very low, since it saves on labor, maintenance and water expenses.

It is versatile

When you are using Astroturf in event spaces, you have endless options such as:

  • It is easier to install and maintain compared to natural grass.
  • It can be cut to fit any size or shape of installation.
  • It does not need the use of water, mowing or sod. It can be used in outdoor and indoor environments.
  • It can be installed as a permanent or temporary installation.

It is durable

The use of Astroturf is very good for areas that will have crowds, since it can withstand continued, heavy foot traffic. The grass is protected from UV radiation and will keep its shiny green color for a long time, even when it is exposed to strong sunlight and hot climates.

It is green and easy to clean

Astroturf is best when you want to have green and clean, and does not get dirty or messy. There is no damage from bad weather or heavy foot traffic. It is free from allergens and is non-toxic. It deters all pest and insects keeping the venue free from vermin.

The Astroturf that is being used today is high in quality an eco-friendly making it great for a wide rage of applications at event venues. Call AstroLondon and get more information on how to turn your event space into an enchanting environment.