AstroLondon artificial grass transform your home

Astro London slowly transforming the landscape of London

Astro London is one of the leading synthetic grass companies in the United Kingdom. The company has made headway, and transformed most homes and commercial properties within London, and farther afield. Homes in Wimbledon, Putney, Wandsworth, BatterSea, Chelsea, Fulham, Esher and Surrey have had their lawns turned into majestic works of art using Artificial grass. The company also caters for areas that may seem farther away, so do not hesitate to contact them should you need an Artificial grass installation.

How Astro London has changed London homes

When you look at testimonials from customers, you see the joy they experienced for seeing their ugly lawns, and backyards turned into a green haven, where their children and pets can play all day long. Looking at “Before & After” pictures, you can see the great difference that this company has brought to many homes in London.  It is no small wonder that entire estates are picking up and installing synthetic grass in their homes.

How Astro London has changed London commercial properties

Consider a commercial property where there is a flat concrete roof, laying dormant and cannot appeal to anybody. In comes Astro London and lays down this beautiful Synthetic grass garden, and all of a sudden, everybody wants to go up to the roof for “a breath of fresh air”. This is just how commercial properties are being changed by using synthetic grass. The above example is just a scenario that can be achieved.

Astro turf can be used to make commercial property look fantastic and “Green”. Logos can be made from this grass. Stairs can be laid with the grass to avoid slipping accidents. The uses of Artificial grass are endless as long as proper imagination and creativity is put to use.

How Astro London has changed London events

You have your perfect mate and want the best wedding, but you do not have a great venue for a reception. The natural grass at the place you have booked does not look very good. Do not fret – Astro London has synthetic grass for hire, which can come in very handy during such n occasion.

This may be an imaginary scenario, but the synthetic grass can be used both for indoor and outdoor events. You can have a conference laid out with a comfortable carpet of green synthetic grass, or you can have an outdoor cocktail party laid out on the lush greens of synthetic grass.

Astro London is changing the way London looks, and people are loving it. When you walk into an office and wonder why they have a carpet of green grass, know that it was probably laid down by Astro London.

Call us now and let us work with you to see how best we can apply Artificial grass to any surface that you want. Whether it is on your walls, floors or outdoor areas, we are always ready to give you our best advice and options.