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Get a no stress garden within two days or less

Astro London has been laying artificial grass lawns and backyards for homes within London and further afield, for a long while. We have the best teams when it comes to laying down a great lawn, no matter the conditions. You may think that your backyard is beyond hope, when you look at the barren dusty surface. This is not the case – your backyard can become a majestic garden within a few days, depending on the size. So how do we go about laying down a lawn?

Survey and quote

As with all landscaping jobs, we have to survey the area that needs to be covered. We send a team member to come a visit your site and it is best that you avail yourself to show him or her around the area you want covered. Images and sketches will be taken for purposes of coming up with a great plan and quote. You will discuss the finer details as to the type of grass, design issues and more. Once we have the full details of the area, we shall give you a final quote in the shortest time possible.


Once you accept our quote, our full team will now come to prepare the area or lot. This means removing any unwanted obstructions like debris and rocks. If you want some rocks in your design, the team will pick the best for your design. They will also create any pavements that you may need. The property will also have to be smoothened on top. Finally, a layer of special membranous covering will be placed on the surface so that no weeds grow when the artificial grass is laid down.


Once the rear has been prepared and the membrane applied, the team will then lay down the artificial grass depending on your choice. There are many types of artificial grass designs made to mimic the natural grass that is used for lawns. If there is any cutting and edging required, it will be done during the installation or laying phase. Finally you will have a lawn that will be ready for immediate use.

The Oohs and Aahs

Once the final laying has been done, you will not believe the change that Artificial grass will have brought. If you go through our portfolio, you will see “Before & After” pictures that will leave you amazed. Artificial grass is the future, and you should get yours today. The grass can be used for a lawn, swimming pool, patio, and even inside your home.

Final thoughts

Artificial grass may seem expensive at first, but when you consider the inputs that you will use to grow natural grass on your lawn for a period of 25 years, you will see that Artificial grass it the best and cheapest option. Simply get in touch with us now and we shall consult with you, at no cost, and see how we can change your home into your own little heaven of green and peace.


AstroLondon artificial grass transform your home

Astro London slowly transforming the landscape of London

Astro London is one of the leading synthetic grass companies in the United Kingdom. The company has made headway, and transformed most homes and commercial properties within London, and farther afield. Homes in Wimbledon, Putney, Wandsworth, BatterSea, Chelsea, Fulham, Esher and Surrey have had their lawns turned into majestic works of art using Artificial grass. The company also caters for areas that may seem farther away, so do not hesitate to contact them should you need an Artificial grass installation.

How Astro London has changed London homes

When you look at testimonials from customers, you see the joy they experienced for seeing their ugly lawns, and backyards turned into a green haven, where their children and pets can play all day long. Looking at “Before & After” pictures, you can see the great difference that this company has brought to many homes in London.  It is no small wonder that entire estates are picking up and installing synthetic grass in their homes.

How Astro London has changed London commercial properties

Consider a commercial property where there is a flat concrete roof, laying dormant and cannot appeal to anybody. In comes Astro London and lays down this beautiful Synthetic grass garden, and all of a sudden, everybody wants to go up to the roof for “a breath of fresh air”. This is just how commercial properties are being changed by using synthetic grass. The above example is just a scenario that can be achieved.

Astro turf can be used to make commercial property look fantastic and “Green”. Logos can be made from this grass. Stairs can be laid with the grass to avoid slipping accidents. The uses of Artificial grass are endless as long as proper imagination and creativity is put to use.

How Astro London has changed London events

You have your perfect mate and want the best wedding, but you do not have a great venue for a reception. The natural grass at the place you have booked does not look very good. Do not fret – Astro London has synthetic grass for hire, which can come in very handy during such n occasion.

This may be an imaginary scenario, but the synthetic grass can be used both for indoor and outdoor events. You can have a conference laid out with a comfortable carpet of green synthetic grass, or you can have an outdoor cocktail party laid out on the lush greens of synthetic grass.

Astro London is changing the way London looks, and people are loving it. When you walk into an office and wonder why they have a carpet of green grass, know that it was probably laid down by Astro London.

Call us now and let us work with you to see how best we can apply Artificial grass to any surface that you want. Whether it is on your walls, floors or outdoor areas, we are always ready to give you our best advice and options.


Completely turn your messy backyard into a serene paradise

Have you ever walked into a backyard that made you think of a forest? One where you could easily drop a golf ball and completely loose it because the grass and other plants have been let to grow wild and completely out of control? Well, you can easily turn such a backyard into a serene closely-cropped paradise when you use Artificial grass.

It takes a lot of time, water, fertilizer and energy to create the perfect backyard. Many people who do not have the time for this kind of gardening leave the backyard grass to grow and will only think about it, when they start hearing creepy animals crawling in the grass. That is the time they hire someone to come and cut the grass.

Today, you can still have the perfect backyard without having to put too much time and scarce resources into it. With Artificial grass, which is artificial grass, you can create a beautiful and serene backyard, and you do not have to toil to do so.

Artificial grass is the future of backyards

You can see Artificial grass creeping up all over the place. It is sustainable, maintains its green color and has a low maintenance. This makes it a popular choice and people are quickly turning to it. If you go to some states, where water is scarce, you will find most people install these backyards to make their homes look beautiful.

Using creativity, you can turn your backyard into something that only the rich can maintain using natural grass.

Imagine that you have a messy backyard and want to put something that will turn it into a place where you can relax and have fun with your family. You may think of simply adding a swimming pool, but that is not all that you can do.

Now think about adding the same swimming pool, and then placing some artificial grass around it so it is always clean from dirt that comes from natural grass when the leaves fall off. Then think about laying down a golf-putting green on the other side of the pool so you maximize on the space used. Finally add a place with seats and a small barbeque, where you can spend evenings with friends and family.

Now that is definitely a backyard that you would really love, and once installed, you do not need to maintain it any more. Look out at your overgrown backyard and see the possibilities when you use Artificial grass.

The beauty of Artificial grass is that it can be cut into any shape, and the edges are always smooth and neat. They turn any lumpy, overgrown backyard into a work of art. You can lay down great paving stones and have the grass gut neatly around them just to add color variations.

Contact us for more information on how you can turn your backyard into a serene paradise using Artificial grass or artificial turf.

AstroLondon Artificial Grass

Add more life to your office environment with AstroLondon Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass was ideally invented for use in outdoor environments, but with time, it is now possible to use it to liven up your office. Not many people think about the indoor applications of synthetic grass, but it does have a lot of benefits.

Faux grass can be used to create play spaces for your employees. Today, employers are finding that letting workers indulge their inner kid helps them become more productive. When in college, you will find students sprawled out on the grass, studying. The same can be applied in the office environment when you use Artificial grass.

You can use synthetic grass to create a space where your employees can meditate or engage in Yoga. There are times when employees work very long hours, and some green soft space where they could relax is the very thing that they need.

Imagine if your employees could play some croquet as they have a brainstorming meeting about a creative project. The idea of playing while at work helps employees bring out their creativity and this would have a positive effect on their overall performance as a team. The movements will keep the blood flowing and stimulate the brain thereby increasing creativity.

Artificial grass does not need water or sunlight and this is why it is a great product for an indoor green office environment. It is free from maintenance and it actually looks very pretty.
Here are some ideas on how you can use Artificial grass within an office environment.

  • Spell out the company name and logo using the green synthetic grass for an eco-friendly look. Google did it, and so can you. When it comes to the logo, artificial grass comes in many colors. This means that you can use your company colors, if you do not want the traditional green.
  • Rather than use traditional carpets for the floor, use Artificial grass
  • Use it to create a serene garden on the roof of your office building, and let employees relax there when they feel overwhelmed by work.
  • You can also add some fun to your reception by covering furniture in short, beautiful artificial grass.

With Artificial grass, there are no limits as to the creative ways in which you can apply it. You may even hold a contest amongst your workers to see who will come up with the most creative way of using synthetic grass in the office. This will create fun and bring the whole team together, when the results are displayed.

Going by the way Artificial grass is being used in many environments it comes as no surprise that it can also be used to create a wonderful office environment. Visit us at AstroLondon and we shall discuss the various ways in which you can use Artificial grass in your office. You will be amazed at the possibilities.


Are you tired of mowing your lawn? Get AstroLondon to help

If you are one of those who have a home in an area that does not get enough rainfall, or water is rationed, you can still have that well-manicured grass in several areas in your home. Over the years, technology to develop Astro Turf has come a long way, and people are turning to it to improve the aesthetics of their homes. There are several heights and colors that you can choose from. The limits are endless and you and now have a home that you dreamt of.

Installing Astro Turf on your lawn

When people walk or drive by your home, the first thing they notice is how your front lawn looks like. If it is muddy, with unkempt, poor quality grass, then the aesthetic value of your home goes down. There are several reasons why you should install Turf from AstroLondon, and here are some of them

  • Beautiful lawns – This is the most common reason why homeowners install Astro Turf It is available in rich colors and makes the home look exceptionally beautiful. It even looks better than natural grass.
  • Low maintenance costs – You do not need any fertilizers, water, mowing or pest control. This means that the costs of maintaining your lawn are reduced by a high margin. These funds can be used to beautify other parts for your home.
  • Astro Turf is great for people who have pets like dogs. You will not have any staining from urine or droppings. The turf is resistant to digging, so your lawn will not have those bald spots caused by digging. It is also very easy to clean up any droppings or urine left by the pets, since the turf drains well.
  • You can plant trees on your lawn – You can easily plant tress when you use artificial turf. A tree ring is cut out of the turf and the tree is planted inside it. You will need to water and fertilize the trees, but this is a small challenge when compared to doing the same thing in a lawn that has natural grass.

Installing Astro Turf is done by professionals and the costs are not very high. One would expect astronomical costs, but when compared to the costs of maintaining a natural lawn for several years, then the amount pales.

The installation can be done within a couple of days, ensuring that you are not inconvenienced for long. AstroLondon can install this turf in other areas of your home, such as the swimming pool and entertaining areas. The turf works well for swimming pools because it is not affected by any water that splashes, when you are having a great time in the pool.

Rocks and other landscaping techniques are used to improve the look and feel of Astro Turf. AstroLondon has a full portfolio of lawns that it has installed. Do look through the pictures and imagine just how lovely your home will look like thanks to Astro Turf.

Artificial grass on chair

Add some “Nature” to your event with Astroturf from AstroLondon

Today, event organisers and venues that are looking for an eco-friendly green surface to impress guests are installing artificial turf as the perfect solution. Astroturf is used around concert venues, carnivals, amphitheatres, community events, amusement parks and more, since it gives a welcoming atmosphere and space. This solution provides a clean, soft, aesthetically pleasing surface, which requires minimal maintenance and resources, and is very durable under all weather conditions.

Why Astroturf is considered ideal for event venues

It is eco-friendly

All over the world, consumers are looking for environmentally responsible solutions, and Astroturf has been recognised as a great option. Synthetic grass has several environmental advantages, such as reducing maintenance, pollution and saving water. There are several places all over the world that are facing drought, forcing them to institute water restrictions. It is estimated that a square foot of natural grass uses up to 55 gallons of water a year, so you can imagine the savings gained from using Astroturf.

Astroturf is beautiful

High quality Astroturf gives the appearance of natural grass and feels like it too. The bright welcoming atmosphere, which can be combined with other artificial or natural landscaping solutions, is unique and great for event spaces. Some of these event areas have been highlighted in the media and are used to host some high-profile events.

Very Little maintenance

People who host and attend events prefer to have soft surfaces such as grass. When using natural grass, a lot of hassle is involved in maintaining it. With synthetic turf, you get an attractive, soft surface that does not need any mowing, fertilizers, pesticides or water use.

Costs very little

Total operating and maintenance costs of Astroturf are very low, since it saves on labor, maintenance and water expenses.

It is versatile

When you are using Astroturf in event spaces, you have endless options such as:

  • It is easier to install and maintain compared to natural grass.
  • It can be cut to fit any size or shape of installation.
  • It does not need the use of water, mowing or sod. It can be used in outdoor and indoor environments.
  • It can be installed as a permanent or temporary installation.

It is durable

The use of Astroturf is very good for areas that will have crowds, since it can withstand continued, heavy foot traffic. The grass is protected from UV radiation and will keep its shiny green color for a long time, even when it is exposed to strong sunlight and hot climates.

It is green and easy to clean

Astroturf is best when you want to have green and clean, and does not get dirty or messy. There is no damage from bad weather or heavy foot traffic. It is free from allergens and is non-toxic. It deters all pest and insects keeping the venue free from vermin.

The Astroturf that is being used today is high in quality an eco-friendly making it great for a wide rage of applications at event venues. Call AstroLondon and get more information on how to turn your event space into an enchanting environment.


AstroLondon – Transforming Landscapes for the Better

Astroturf, also called Artificial or Synthetic grass, was originally developed for use on sports fields. Today, the same grass is being used for a wide range of domestic and corporate applications. It is being used to transform gardens all over the world. The latest trend has been the installation of Astroturf to indoor environments. This can be said to be bringing the outdoors inside.

One of the biggest users of artificial grass within indoor space is the commercial and corporate sector. The grass is being used in heavy-use areas to keep them green and
for a long time, despite a lot of foot traffic.

A great example is to be seen in trade shows, where artificial grass is used to create an exciting space for potential customers. It is also used to make booths stand out from others. Other applications include breakout areas in coffee shop and restaurants. You can also find the grass being installed around indoor pools to mimic an outdoor pool. Health spas are using it to mimic a healthy oasis. Hotel lobbies are also using this grass to create a welcoming atmosphere for their customers.

When you want to have some space where you can just sit or lie down and relax, you can use artificial turf. Whenever you stand on a grassy field, you automatically feel relaxed. This is one of the reasons why corporate environments are implementing Astroturf to keep employees happy and productive. The grass has been psychologically used in brainstorming or meeting rooms for the enhancement of creativity.

Astroturf has also been found to be great for residential applications too. It can be installed as a temporary or permanent covering for the floors of homes. If you have a playroom for your children, you can make it more exciting by installing artificial grass. The themes can be varied, meaning that you can create a cave or other natural treat that children would love. You can imagine how much fun the kids would have in the room, during the cold drab winter months.

Did you know that you can install Astroturf on your walls, or make it into covering for your furnishings? This is something that you may find in offices and shops rather than homes, but with a little creativity, it can be extended to the home too. You can create a synthetic grass sofa set, which would serve as a great way to start conversations with your house guests, as well as add some spice to your home.

Artificial grass is great for both outdoor and indoor use. It is resistant to UV radiation and will keep its green color for several years, and is also environmentally friendly. It is extremely durable, soft to the touch and is very easy to clean. There is little maintenance required when you use artificial grass, and you can easily use a mop to wipe out spillages, unlike carpets which have the tendency to stain.

There are various ways in which we can transform your outdoor or indoor landscape. Call us now and discuss your project with any member of our team.